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CareAxis is a non-profit network of surgeon-trained physiotherapists, medical and surgical specialists, and other care providers coordinated by CareAxis to provide our patients with specialized, timely, and ​evidence-based care.

While a referral by a physician is not required to access our services, CareAxis does offer some services free of charge to eligible patients through our funded spine program. A referral from a physician is required to ascertain program eligibility. All patients referred to CareAxis by their physician will be automatically considered for enrollment in our spine program.

To learn more about our spine program, click here.

You can refer your patient to CareAxis for an assessment by completing a referral form.

Referrals must be on our form unless from an EMR system. EMR referrals are acceptable if all required information is provided, specifically:

  1. Patient’s full name
  2. Patient’s date of birth
  3. Patient’s health card number
  4. Patient’s primary telephone number
  5. Patient’s full address, including postal code and city
  6. Where is the patient experiencing the worst pain/symptoms (choose one: back, leg, arm, neck)
  7. Are emergent RED FLAGS present (yes/no). IMPORTANT: CareAxis does not accept patients with emergent red flags. Please refer your patient directly to the closest Emergency.
  8. Other relevant patient information (e.g., medications, comorbidities, special needs)
  9. Referring primary care provider’s full name
  10. Referring primary care provider’s license number
  11. Referring primary care provider’s email, fax and telephone  number
  12. IMPORTANT: The referral must contain the following text: “I hereby refer this patient to CareAxis and, if necessary, medical imaging and a physician specialist.”

CareAxis is suitable for patients with a wide variety of non-emergent spine diagnoses and presentations, including: back pain, sciatica, lumbar stenosis, spinal stenosis, neurogenic claudication, degenerative disc disease, slipped disc, herniated disc, lumbago, pinched nerve, neck pain, neck pain with referral into the arms, and neck related arm pain.

Given our focus on early management, it is recommended to refer patients in the above-mentioned scenarios prior to initiation of an opioid prescription, diagnostic imaging referral, or specialist referral.

Patients with the following emergent red flags should be referred directly to the closest emergency department:

  • Possible Cauda Equina Syndrome (saddle anesthesia about anus, perineum or genitals; urinary retention with overflow incontinence; loss of anal sphincter tone/fecal incontinence)
  • Progressive neurologic deficit
  • Significant trauma

Upon receipt of a completed referral form, a Care Coordinator will contact your patient to schedule an assessment at a time and date of his/her convenience with a CareAxis physiotherapist.

All patients referred to CareAxis by their physician will be automatically considered for enrollment in our funded spine programs, which provide CareAxis services free of charge to eligible patients. The Care Coordinator will inform your patient of his/her eligibility status.

No, our broad network of surgeon-trained physiotherapists often allows for same-day appointment bookings, if requested.

Patients will be initially assessed by one of our surgeon-trained physiotherapists in the community. The CareAxis physiotherapist will provide your patient with a thorough assessment and develop a personalized treatment plan (based self-management strategies) to help them better manage their pain.

Patients deemed potential surgical candidates will be referred for further assessment. The physiotherapist will refer the patient to diagnostic imaging (e.g. MRI), recommend appropriate advanced interventions (e.g. spinal injections), and refer patients for a consultation with a spine surgeon, when indicated.

CareAxis physiotherapists work from independent clinics throughout Montreal and surrounding areas. We are continually expanding our network of clinics to better serve your patients. 

To find the closest clinic, click here.

If there is an indication for referral to a non-spine specialist (e.g. for possible inflammatory or pain disorder issue), you will receive this recommendation from the CareAxis physiotherapist to arrange the necessary referral.​

​As the CareAxis network expands to include more non-spine specialists, we will increasingly offer patients expedited access to these specialists.

CareAxis physiotherapists will not provide patients with adjunct pharmacological therapy.

CareAxis physiotherapists will take the time to educate patients on their condition. They may recommend evidence-informed adjunctive hands-on or other available non-pharmacological treatments, as indicated, to support self-management.

Patients are free to pursue adjunct physical therapy with their CareAxis physiotherapy or pursue other options empowered with a better understanding of their condition.

You will receive a consultation note post-assessment outlining the patient’s clinical presentation, prognostic factors, activity/work modifications and next steps, including any additional referrals.

For complex patients, the CareAxis physiotherapist will initiate further discussions with the referring physician regarding the consultation, any items needing clarification, and to address identified concerns.

Please note that patients can self-refer to CareAxis. For self-referred patients, consult notes will be shared with a patient’s physician at the patient’s request.

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Physiotherapist (Part-time)

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Are you passionate about our healthcare system? Do you want to improve the wellbeing of millions of patients? Do you enjoy working with/in disruptive startups?

Who we are:

CareAxis is a non-profit network of surgeon-trained physiotherapists, medical and surgical specialists, and other care providers poised to revolutionize care for patients with back pain and other debilitating musculoskeletal conditions. We provide our patients with:

Job Responsibilities:

As a member of CareAxis, the physiotherapist will be responsible for delivering patient assessment and education from his/her existing practice location. He/she will act as the primary point of care for consultation and assessment of referred patients and will identify signs and symptoms requiring diagnostic imaging and/or referral to a physician specialist. The physiotherapist will provide a defined program of care to the patient with an emphasis on education, self-management and health promotion strategies. He/she is responsible for documenting assessment results and treatment plans.

All CareAxis physiotherapists will be connected through a centralized patient management system. Please note that successful candidates must complete both practical and theoretical training by board-certified surgeons and other spine specialists to earn there CareAxis credentials. The training is free for selected candidates.

Job Duties:

1. Expert Practice

2. Teaching and Learning

3. Organization Responsibilities

4. Program Evaluation

Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least 10 years of clinical experience managing patients with musculoskeletal conditions, in particular spine conditions, following completion of an accredited, entry-to-practice program in Physical Therapy, required.
  • Member in good standing of professional/legislative college at the provincial level with no history of disciplinary action, required.
  • Work out of a clinic that satisfies the high standards of CareAxis, required.
  • Advanced or extended practice certification (e.g., arthritis care), preferred.
  • Experience in academia, clinical research or public health, preferred.

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      Care Coordinator (Part-time)

      (Montreal, QC)

      Are you passionate about our healthcare system? Do you want to improve the wellbeing of millions of patients? Do you enjoy working with/in disruptive startups?

      Who we are:

      CareAxis is a non-profit network of surgeon-trained physiotherapists, medical and surgical specialists, and other care providers poised to revolutionize care for patients with back pain and other debilitating musculoskeletal conditions. We provide our patients with:

      Job Responsibilities:

      The Care Coordinator will be responsible for: supporting CareAxis physiotherapists and staff; screening and sorting patient referrals; scheduling patient appointments and arranging referrals; billing patients and third-party payers; controlling accounts receivables; documenting patient intake information and preparing medical reports and correspondence; maintaining office files and patient records; supporting outreach to family doctors; supporting marketing communications, including social media accounts; and providing basic English-French translation support.

      Job Duties:

      Skills and Qualifications:


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